Cossacks - Battle for Europe

Cossacks - Battle for Europe

Cossacks II Battle for Europe is an strategy game developed by GSC Game World
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Cossacks II Battle for Europe is an strategy game developed by GSC Game World.
This is an expansion which can be play in a independent way of the main game, you can choose between six nations of the main game (France, Polone, Russia, Egypt, Germany and England) and you will find three new nations Spain,The Confederation of the Rhine and the Great Duchy of Warsaw. If you didn´t play this game before, you must play first the tutorial.

The game gives you the possibility to be in the epic battles in the Europe of Napoleon, an Europe that prepares the nineteenth century based on wars, blood and ruin.

There are 4 campaigns: The campaign for 100 days, The Road to Vienna, The Honor of the Crown of Poland and the Question of Iberia (Spain).
In addition, this game offers several different game modes depending on your play style. The skirmish mode lets you battle it out in a number of historical battles, including Waterloo. Meanwhile, the battle mode is like a real-time strategy game, as you get to construct various buildings, gather different resources, and then raise regiments to go off and conquer villages on the map, which feed you more resources.

After choosing one campaign, the next step is to select your leader, he will gain experience and will enhance his military rank and he will command more units. Of course, that you will have to care about the resources of your troops, the, diplomacy and so on.

Graphics and sound.
The graphics are amazing and the scenarios are gorgeous. The sound effects are suitable and the soundtrack is very good.

To sum up, this is an incredible game, you will enjoy it.

María Noel Balla
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Discontinued by the developer.

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